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Software will be everywhere -- count on us to be there. 

We strongly believe that smart machines and advanced manufacturing will become the most disruptive era in the history of ICT. Software centricity and software-driven innovation are in the very heart of this change as seismic shifts are touching every corner of manufacturing and machinery industries.

Vaisto Solutions is a forerunner in the world of Deep Tech. The fusion of our smart team, smart machines and smart methods heightens the development of superior products and experiences for our clients.

With us, you will gain powerful insights in working with leading clients and often ground-breaking projects. Our mission is to support our clients in developing smart machines that are better connected and safer with more efficiency and more flexibility.

Big machines are our passion. We like the noise -- powerful -- just like our mission.

You could either watch it happen or be a part of it. Join us as we lead the fourth revolution. 

Workplace & Culture

Eccentric. This is how we describe ourselves because we don't want to use the word weird. But hey, we all have a bit of an edge to us right? And we embrace that here at Vaisto Solutions.

Whatever unique value that you have to bring to the table, we are ready to handle it. The question is, are you ready for this?

Perks & Benefits

We believe that our employees make the company what it is. You make Vaisto Solutions awesome and we want to make sure that your time here is awesom-er.

  • Competitive Salary

    We believe that you are worth it. Deliver and so will we.

  • Lifelong learning

    We are not only a team, we are family. We invest wisely.

  • Healthcare Benefits

    Feeling the blues? We've got you covered and more.

  • Awesome parties

    What happens here, stays here. And maybe IG stories.

Job Openings

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Our people love working here

The team atmosphere is supportive, innovative and sometimes bizarre -- but in a good way. I would definitely recommend Vaisto as a good place to work, because of the great working atmosphere and utilization of new innovative technologies. To future employees: be open-minded about new technologies.

Tuomas, Vaistoneer since August 2019 Software Engineer, Software Engineering Master's degree

I chose to work at Vaisto Solutions because their implied atmosphere of research and development promised challenging opportunities which would allow me to develop my own skills further. The team atmosphere is great and I would describe it as being like coming home to a family. Everyone is warm, friendly, welcoming and has a great sense of humour. I would absolutely recommend anyone to apply for a position at Vaisto and when you do, the only advice I can give is to be open to new challenges and have a sense of humour.

Aimée, Vaistoneer since October 2019 Junior Software Developer, Industrial Engineering Master's degree

I accidentally met Ville at a swimming pool when I was helping my younger daughter swim with her mermaid tail. And then I ended up at Vaisto. This workplace is fair, enthusiastic and playful. For example, this has been the only place in my career where I have been able to run with my colleagues 8 hours at night in the cold and rain -- just for fun. Advice to newcomers: If you are interested and excited about something, share it.

Mika, Vaistoneer since December 2018 Senior Software Engineer, MsC in Automation Engineering

The interview with Vaisto management team gave me an impression of a dynamic company with human values. Later, the human values were revealed when I was on sick leave after having been engaged to the company. The company executives paid me a visit to my home. I was very touched by this gesture. My advice to future Vaistoneers: it is important to stay true to your own values and ideas, but at the same time try to see the point of view of the other members. The respect towards your fellows will come back to you and make the team grow stronger than the sum of its members.

Matti, Vaistoneer since January 2019 Software Specialist, Computer Engineering degree

The startup nature, vision and approach to the industry along with some familiar faces quickly seduced me to join aboard. The atmosphere is just great. A flat hierarchy where everyone is treated equally regardless of their role, where you can be yourself. This combined with a healthy sense of humor and sporty attitude really makes it a pleasant experience. Besides the great team atmosphere, the employment conditions, office space, and flexibility are pivotal to inspire you and therefore deliver innovation for our customers. If you want to join a welcoming, ambitious and capable team, look no further. Just bring along your expertise to complement ours and just be yourself.

Luis, Vaistoneer since October 2017 Senior Test Automation Engineer, no uni degree because awesomeness

Vaisto Solutions sounded like an opportunity which I didn't want to miss. When it comes to formal organizations and bureaucracy, less is more! We are a combination of abundant humour and a mutual understanding. I would recommend Vaisto for all of you with a curiosity in new technologies, and there is also room for those with heavy interest in relic and legacy systems. Advice: Come as you are, get rid of your roles and dive in. You may be surprised.

Jussi-Pekka, Vaistoneer since May 2019 Software Guru, Master degree of Philosophy
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